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[|Ops Night Info:|] Every Sunday Evening the outfit will have an Ops Night were we will deploy a bastion. Typically the bastion is deployed 9pm Central Time Zone, but ops start generally around 7pm Central Time Zone.

[|Ranks and Roles:|] Our outfit runs like the NC in lore, we're a decentralized hierarchy and horizontally organized. We believe in equity and freedom. This means if you're someone who wishes to lead squads, you will be given the rank that enables outfit resources. These outfit resources are critical to our faction's success in alerts or battles (especially base discount modules) and we firmly believe in giving those tools to you.

The critical thing is to respect the outfit's resources and be conscious of how much you use and are able to re-craft the assets you use. When it comes to the colossus, we typically reserve it for outfit ops random or scheduled. Though, if you have been trained to drive a colossus and deploying one would be critical, please ping @Managerial Council to simply let them know you're deploying one. As they cost purple resources which we like to reserve for bastion construction for Sunday Ops.

[|Squad Democracy:|] Much like the heart of the NC, we believe in democracy. Because of that, we often decide as an outfit where we should push, where we should hold, and more importantly, what we should do. Speak up! You have a voice and it's just as valid as your squad leader or platoon leader. We all have more fun if we all have a say in what we're doing. It's a game remember?

[|Outfit Voting:|] Additionally we have set up a voting-booth channel to allow users to vote on discussions and propositions to facilitate a democratic style of management for the outfit. We're hoping this allows members to feel their voice is heard when it comes to outfit decisions.

[|Question of Discord Coms:|] We firmly believe that using discord coms alienates the players that are not on discord, and we exclusively use in-game chat for planetside. This way everyone feels included in the fun discussions and open coms we have during our gaming.

[|Consensus: What is it?|] I've updated rules-and-info to include a few points on consensus.

Consensus is all about hearing what each member has to say about a proposal and is recommended to be used when viable/useful. Some of these instances could be "What continent should we be on?" "What should we do today?" "Should we pull a colossus?". Though the video linked below will give a detailed dive into what consensus is. Think of consensus as the 'ethos' of the outfit, what we strive to do. Consent is cool, and we like to make sure each member has a say!

Think of consensus as a tool for small to single squads when you're unsure what to do as a squad leader. Consensus is an involved process and may not be best for alerts or split second decisions. For example, a statement like: "I think we should go here" followed up by "What do you all think?" could be an informal version of consensus useful for getting the general thoughts of the group while not making the process too long.

Of course voting and Squad democracy can be used, but be sure not to alienate individuals that bring up counter points as to why they dont want to join in with the majority. And if someone wishes not to partake, that's totally okay because that's their right. Though in a formal consensus it's encouraged for each participant to voice their opinions openly or privately, whichever is more comfortable for them. It's free association, so they may opt-out or leave the squad/platoon and do something else if they please. We never want to force members, it's all about consent :)


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