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Formido's coming, start running!
Copper II

We are Formido (FRMD), a proud outfit fighting for the New Conglomerate on the Miller Server with a long history of war and struggle. We're mainly focused on being a quick response infantry platoon, though we pull any vehicle when we see a good opportunity for it (ever heard of the flash charge? They never see it coming!).

In Formido we believe that sometimes to win you have to make a sacrifice, and if one planetman’s life is not enough, we are more than happy to keep piling our dead carcasses until the enemy runs out of nanites to make bullets. If it can be charged at, we charge it and tear it to pieces with everything we’ve got. However, if we are bored of being the glorious vanguard for the New Conglomerate (which is just a fancy term for being the meat shield for those blueberry cowards) we can get oh so tactical and try something like playing in Server and Lane Smashes.


1. Fill in an application with the following information: What outfits have you been in? What's your playstyle? Do you have a mic and use it? 2. Join our Discord Server as part of your application It is VERY important. Tell us your in-game name. If you don't your application will be rejected and you've wasted your time! Formido run outfit only squads most evenings with the occasional public platoon. We will get you into one of squads when we have one open. We will invite you to our TeamSpeak so you can join in our squad play, we rely heavily on teamplay and communcation. For outfit ops we use TeamSpeak. Your application does not guarantee a place in the outfit.


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