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[H] Hydra has decided to pull out of Outfit Wars, and will not be participating in the rest of the tournament. Why?

(1) We were never vested in this endeavor, this was because we never really cared for the 'competitive' scene surrounding Planetside. Nonetheless, we decided to accept the invitation to quiet those that thought we couldn't hold our own, and fully committed ourselves to build an effective dynamic team to participate at great sacrifice to our outfits shitter slaying play. However, in preparation for our upcoming matches we've decisively come to conclusion that we simply do not want any more to do with this. We took Cobalt, and have decided that we couldn't care less about the dead server's teams. Truthfully, the recent public toxicity pointed toward our community members by a substantial portion of this so called competitive community has been staggering. We have gone to great lengths to try to reason with these outfits but they have shown us that no amount of diplomacy will stop them from turning what should be a fun and respectful match into a vitriol filled arena where win or lose childish insults are flung.

(2) Planetside 2 is a game about infantry, air, tanks, and MAXes. The competitive community believes these things do not take skill. The collective mentality of the 'elite' player sphere declares that pure talent resides in one's ability to play infantry in an 'honorable' fashion. To that we ask, why are you playing this game and not CS:GO? When DBG approached us with the idea of Outfit Wars we believed that they might have a viable competitive event, as their rules seemed to simulate three-way combined arms gameplay that seemed to be a good middle ground between core infantry play, and not taking away the PlanetSide specific tools available to them on live.

However, despite the well defined rules created for this arena, the purists publicly slandered every angle that may counter or challenge their preferred play style, forcing discomfort and perpendicular adaptation. First it was the rocket launcher, then Cyclones, and more recently the movement meta in which we are well versed in. Rather than adapt, the community demanded for more confined rules that would enable their styles to thrive. We showed them a different way and were successful. The narratives spun about our members were absolutely without merit. There are no exploits, no cheating, and no chicanery from our team. The Creative Director himself witnessed our tactics and did not cry foul.

(3) Hydra has been an outfit that has always focused on live play. We've always found the game that exists to be more fun and a better use of time. The vast majority of our past and present team members want to return to this play, and that's what we plan to do. In retrospect, we should have avoided Desolation as we have the past opportunities towards non-live competitive play. To be clear, there is absolutely no desire in any of our members for Hydra to participate further in this.

Up to this point we've gone out of our way to avoid the bottom rung of human indecency. We plan to continue this, despite internet convention demanding an ever swirling cesspool of hyperbolized trash. I want to add some important clarification here. DBG involved in organizing this tournament have done an phenomenal job both operationally and technically with running this tournament, and have also proven to be a more respectful bunch of individuals than we anticipated, and we sincerely thank them for that. They objectively put on a good tournament, and it is a shame that the slots had to be filled with and followed by toxicity.

Lastly, we hope that [BLNG] will take our spot for this final match and do [T] proud, you've wanted this more than we have.

We'll see you on live.

Signed, Hydra leadership and (ex)competitive team.


For recruitment, contact Gretchen#6741 on discord. We're fucking dead though.


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