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Welcome everyone! Thank you for taking an interest in joining SKL.

~WHAT IS SKL?~ With over 5 thousand active members, SoKaar's Legion is the most active outfit in Planetside 2. Dedicated to promoting the growth of new players from novices to seasoned warriors or elite commanders across the battlefield on the Emerald Server, guides, videos, and PDFs are available across the Discord server for all members. We're in the process of launching our new Academy system, providing unique lanes of progression and advancement for our members through training and event participation, available to all!

We field 100+ members during prime-times each day, with at least 20-30 members online at all times!

All leadership in SKL is purely voluntary! We encourage you to pick up that gold star position whenever you can, and we pride ourselves on trying to make the best experience for new players that we can.

We have Officer, Infantry, Air, and Construction Academies, each with trainings, mentors, guides, and more.

Join the legions today by going in-game on an Emerald Vanu Sovereignty character, opening the outfit tab with the O key, selecting SoKaar's Legion, and selecting Apply. Join now!

Sincerely, Qaztar, leader of SoKaar's Legion.


As an outfit dedicated to serving the public, SKL is open to all applicants. If you want to lead dozens of players in battle, join. If you want to become part of a friendly community of dedicated players, join. If you want to learn from and run with experts in every playstyle, join. If you just want to have an active outfit to be in, join today!


In game/tell S0Kaar

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Every Monday, from 15:00 to 0:00
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Every Saturday, from 20:00 to 22:00
Every Sunday, from 20:00 to 22:00
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