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CHRISTIAN LIFTERS | Connery's Strongest Outfit | Teamwork REQUIRED, Mic Encouraged | New & Veteran Players Invited | We Coach LEADERS!


The three tenets of Western Tactical, founded 2012: | CHRISTIAN LIFTERS | Founder DrMoneypants is a former strongman and many of our gamers have 500+ deadlifts. We promote a masculine "learned gymbro" culture & love teaching new lifters! Our weekly Gamer Bible Study and our outfit motto "NON TIMEBO MALA" (FEAR NO EVIL), from Psalm 23, inspire us to speak Christ's truth even when it's unpopular. "If you love someone, tell them the truth." | MOST POWERFUL OUTFIT | We decide alerts with the most base captures & defenses, pull off audacious steals no one else would dare attempt, and our armor platoons & base engineers are the best in the world, bar none. Over 15 Alerts, our platoon acheived an absurd 80% NC win rate. We'll teach any player who shows POSITIVITY and TEAM WORK ETHIC! | NEW & VETERAN PLAYERS INVITED, but TEAMWORK REQUIRED! We Coach LEADERS! | No outfit has better leadership than WTAC, and we love to get involved with our players making plans and coaching both individual PS2 mechanics as well as interpersonal leadership skills. We strongly encourage intelligent players to do their thing and help the team, and have a rank called "Problem Solver" that we give to those who do the most outside-the-box thinking to help us win fights! The biggest thing I want is for gamers to come away from WTAC gameplay feeling more creative and empowered to lead their communities and coworkers in real life. | IMPROVE YOURSELF | PS2 is incredibly fun, but secondary to us. We want you to be happy and successful in REAL LIFE, too! Failure provides learning, but mediocrity is not an option. Come seize the day with us! ~DMP


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