• NSO support (beta) : Thanks to the recent API update, kills by NSO characters will be properly counted. Update will take a full month to roll out
  • With the Outfit War stuff, moderation on outfit submission will be enforced to prevent trolling
  • Few bug fixes here and there


  • Fixed the Twitch connector
  • OutfitWar filter


  • Graph data entirely rewritten, much more data available
  • New general stats (cross platform, cross server for now)
  • Fixed a lot of bugs, deleted corrupted data, cleaned up database, optimized a few slow queries
  • Starting to use the available horse-power on the new server to store more data. I'm planning to expand the data retention to three months


  • Some additionnal stats on the outfit base captures
  • Speculative fix on the Play time stats (KPM affected too)
  • Some database rework to handle a much larger quantity of data
  • Fix on the Outfit Killboard page
  • Various bug fixes


  • Fixed a bug on the outfit members : in some circonstances, players were not removed from the outfit after leaving in game.
    Expect a correction in the few upcoming days on the "members" graph for each outfit stat page


  • Huge graphic revamp ! Still in progress : ranking
  • Lot of stats tweaks / fix
  • Map fixed, still need to update esamir after Containement Site update
  • New ranking for best player for each class of an outfit
  • You can now upload video for your outfit banner
  • Bastion and orbital ranking fixed, still working on the colossus stuff


  • Orbital strike and bastion stats rewritten
  • Added few stats : accuracy, ivi, KDR infantry, KDR vehicle
  • A few bug fixes and optimizations


  • Outfit page reorganized
  • Outfit members stats details
  • Captures summary for outfit
  • BETA : assets (bastion + orbital strike)
  • Weapon page : still some work to do
  • Some UI updates
  • Various optimizations for page load time
  • Registred users home updated with new from PS2-News
  • Bugfixes


  • Fixed Bastion and Orbital strikes ranking nope


  • New bot command : !online TAG SERVER : display online players
  • New tool for beginner : simplified Outfit search tool
  • Small tweak to ELo Scoring to mitigate high scores for reroll outfits with low activity


  • New bot command : !status SERVER to get live population stats


  • Outfit ops day


  • Disabled the alert notification, it was a bad idea !
  • New MBT Ranking
  • Tactical Map (BETA)


  • New Knife & Colossus Ranking
  • Outfit camo selection


  • PS4 Support !
  • New outfit efficiency graph
  • ELO score minimum is now at 750 (0 before)
  • ELO K Factor is now dynamic, depending on the battle rank delta, between 5 and 10
  • New rankings
  • Full reset of the ELO score


  • Fixed a bug on the discord bot with duplicated outfit tags (you must now give the server name with !track start)
  • Team kills are now ignored in the ELO score
  • Inactive players (no login in 31 days) are now removed from the ELO ranking


  • ELO Score: outfit ELO Score now only take in account active players (played at least once in the last 30 days)
  • ELO Score: Player bellow BR 15 are now ignored
  • New rankings: Bastion, Orbital Strike ...
  • Optimizations tweaks
  • Changelog now available