22/11/21: Once again, i messed up the whole ranking database, it will take a few days to recover from my noob mistake. Sorry for the inconvenience :\ (Playtime was totally messed up, affecting a lot of things)


All servers


Combined Arms

Team Median Infantry Score x Median Air Vehicle Score x Median Ground vehicle score


Air supremacy

Skill Median air skill score : Accuracy x KPM x 100 (ESF, Lib, Valk, Galaxy, A2G excluded)



Skill Median infantry score : KPM x KDR x IvI (infantry weapons only, no explosives)


World of tanks

Skill Median ground vehicle score: Accuracy x KPM x 100 (MBT, Lightning, Harasser, Sundy, Colossus and ANT)



Team Total kill assists (Average)


The Conquerors

Team Number of tagged base divided by active players



Team Total kills with a bastion


Bounty Hunters

Skill Total bounty contracts collected (Median)



Class KDR * KPM * IvI * Resupply ticks (Engineer)


Heavy Assault

Class KDR * KPM * IvI (Heavy Assault)



Class KDR * KPM * IvI * Spot assists (Infiltrator)


Light Assault

Class KDR * KPM * IvI (Light Assault)



Class KDR * KPM * IvI (Max)



Class KDR * KPM * IvI * Players revived (Medic)



Team Total kills with a colossus


Field Hospital

Team Total player revives divided by active players


Knife Party

Skill Kills with a knife (Median)


SALT Treaty

Team Total kills with orbital strike


Public transport

Team Total transport assists divided by active players


Rocket Scientist

Skill Kills with a rocket launcher (Median, vehicle and infantry)



Team Total spot assists divided by active players


Suicidal tendancies

Skill Total suicides (Median)


Supply lines

Team Total resuply tick divided by active players


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Skill Total teamkills (median)